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Hip Hip Hippo!

Have you met Uddingston’s newest resident?

This is our very own Hippo from the 2017 BIG Stampede in Hamilton.

Uddingston Craftbomb led the charge to bring her to Uddingston and she was sponsored by local community groups, Uddingston Craftbomb, Uddingston Community Centre, The Fiona Martin Foundation and Uddingston Pride.

She was graffitied [on purpose and with permission!] by all the uniform groups in Uddingston before being painted at the 1st ever uniform night in the park as part of the Uddingston Craftbomb fortnight. Since then she's been on tour with the Craftbomb team and earlier this year she was given a makeover by our extremely talented resident artist, Donna. This week she has taken up residence at Uddingston Community Centre in her custom made garden courtesy of Uddingston Pride.

In revamping our girl we have focussed on our community, after all it's what Uddingston Craftbomb is all about. #uddycommunitymatters

By highlighting facets of Uddingston's history we are recognising how our community has formed.

So, from Weaving to Mining with everything from the Castle, Sweeties, Farming, The Clyde and Tunnocks in between, Uddingston, you are our common ground and we are proud to be part of this wonderful community. The hippo also showcases her main sponsors with the Crofthead Park gates for Uddingston Pride and the Pink Heart for The Fiona Martin Foundation.

Finally, our home for our wee girlie has been no accident. We are incredibly grateful for all the support Uddingston Community Centre and all the staff give us and are proud to have hers and our hub there.

We think you'll agree our girl is looking extremely happy in her new home, all she needs now is a name. We’ve put the call out for suggestions on our Facebook page and Treehouse Nursery have supplied us with some wonderful drawings and names to add to the mix.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for your chance to vote for your favourite name from the shortlist.

The Craftbomb Team x

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